Monday, June 6, 2011

drive-thru decisions

30 weeks
A serious craving for McDonald's Coke has hit me the last few weeks {to me, it has a much better taste than the Coke you buy at the store}.  So when Michael starting pulling into the McDonald's drive-thru, I was beyond ecstatic for 2 reasons:
#1. I wouldn't have to cook dinner
#2. Coke!

While dating Michael, he told me he already knew the name of his first born son {which was fine with me.  It was a good, strong name.  And I really liked it.  And it would be one less thing to discuss when/if babies ever entered our future.}  So when he had recently told me his thoughts about names for our baby boy, I was shocked and confused.

"So hunny, the plan is:  to name our son, John David, right?"
"Well," Mike says, "I have been thinking a lot about the name Johnathan David..."

Wait. What?  I've already informed the grandparents of the latter!  

Maybe a month goes by.  All who see me, ask, "Have you picked out a name yet?"
I'd happily answer, "Johnathan David."  Although I was secretly preferring our "first" choice...

I could sense that maybe, just maybe, Michael was not absolutely confident about our son's "current" name.  But I hate being a nag.  Yet, felt it was quite an important decision to discuss.  It was the one thing we would choose that would stay with our son for the rest. of. his. life!

So there we were, one car away from the "order here" speaker, deciding what meals we should get from McDonald's.  I felt that now was as good a time as any to bring it up:

"Mike, I think I prefer the name John David over Johnathan David."
"OK," he replies.
"That's all you're gonna say?  So you prefer John David, too?"
"OK.  It's decided, then?"
"Alright.  Our baby's name will be John David."
We then pulled up and ordered our food. 

Just like that.

We not only chose our meals, for the night, at the McDonald's drive-thru, but our future son's name.

This family doesn't mess around when it comes to the major decisions in life.
Some things are just too important....


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