Friday, April 8, 2011

send help or ice cream (whichever comes first)

Some days are harder than others.
And sometimes for no apparent particular reason.

When I took the infamous "Spiritual gifts" test a while back, in order to determine my most likely Spiritual gift, I 'scored' the same for the two Spiritual gifts: Exhortation and Teaching.

Which can sometimes be ironic in my life (specifically, when it comes to my gift of exhortation):
Because who is around to encourage the encourager??
Am I suppose to encourage others to be an encouragement to me??
Doesn't that defeat the purpose??
What's a discouraged encourager suppose to do??
Other than eat a [much-too-large-for-you] ice cream cone and look through a bunch of Far Side comics...

It's just one of those days.


  1. We all have them...

  2. So sad!!!! I wish I was more of an ecourager for you!!! I hope your day is brighter now. :) Call me if you want to hang out

  3. Thanks, Jess...and you ARE an encouragement to me! FOR SURE! I was just having a pity-party-type-of-day. (I think it's the hormones)...but the ice cream helped A LOT!!! lol!


Love is to the heart what the summer is to the farmer's year - it brings to harvest all the loveliest flowers of the soul. -Unknown