Friday, April 1, 2011

re-styled t-shirt

When I was preggers with Annaleigh in 2009, my MIL was so gracious in finding me some gently-used maternity wear.  I would be surprised with a new box of clothes to wear every few months.  And I loved it!  I mean, who doesn't love random packages arriving in the mail?

Amongst the entire collection, which I had accrued, were some a-mazing-ly comfortable t-shirts that wonderful-ly covered the bottom of my slowly disappearing mid-drift .  Unfortunately, comfortable doesn't usually go hand-in-hand with all-out bombshell style.  So there were days I felt so incredibly cozy...and looked like it.

Newly preggers, again, I fought my way into our attic to pull out my maternity stash.  I was immediately reminded of that feeling of slipping into one of those cotton-y soft t-shirts.  Heavenly.  Then I was also reminded that when slipping into one, it actually created a desert-like-mirage that made me closely resemble that of a beached whale.  Heavenly?

Thankfully, I'm a blogger-stalker...uhhh...a devout follower of other people's highly creative and alluring blogs....

...therefore, I have recently come across a few posts on t-shirt re-styling!

So with a collar-adjustment here...a snip there...a little thread here...with a pink ribbon over there and...voila!

A gently-used, newly crafted, cotton-y soft, oh-so-heavenly-cozy, bombshell-like gorgeous maternity t-shirt:

Creatively combining comfort with beauty.  My kind of look.  And it's a far cry from looking like a beached whale.  Well...almost...maybe?  At least now if I'm a beached whale, I'm a beached-whale decorated in pink silk flowers.  I'm gonna make those other whales soooo jealous...

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