Thursday, March 31, 2011

my 20 week b[leck]y picture

I'll be honest.
I'm slightly embarrassed to post my current belly picture.
But by the look on my face, you can sense I'm much too tired to try a 'take 2'.  And you'd be right.
Remember the kind of day I had yesterday?  If you don't, can't you tell by the forced smile on my face?
I was a hot preggers in 2009.  Hot haircut.  Hot-looking tan.  That's right.  I said it.  H.O.T.
This year, though?  Oh, brother.
This year, I'm 20 weeks along in the pasty-winter month of March, not in the tanning-summer month of June.
This year, I'm attempting to grow out my hair.  Meaning, my hair is currently growing out [of style].
This year, I look so much older.  A whole entire year older.  Is it because I exist in a whole new decade now?  Is "letting yourself go" involuntary or something??
And you can also clearly tell, this year, that my photographer is taller than me. A whole 12.25" taller than me.
This year, the picture was taken at 8 PM in the midst of the harsh indoor light rather than the soft (and forgiving) natural morning light.
But you asked.
And I supplied.
I hope your happy.
Because I'm not.
Well...other than the fact I'm growing a new life inside me....but you know what I mean.

Thanks to my sweetheart for saying I looked "beautiful" last night.  And you are right, honey, I do think buying you that new pair of glasses with our tax return is a good idea....or is it?

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