Friday, March 18, 2011

the crafty bone in my body itches

The side effects of the craft bug biting me (it was sometime in the middle of the night a few weeks ago) has caused a major itch in the crafty bones of my body.  One that causes me to stay awake scrolling through my ideas until they are born, from my mind, into existence.

I have a million craft-y/arts-y projects rolling around in there!  I'm doing my best to pump them out while being a wife to the greatest man on earth and being a mother of a beautifully active 15-month-old girl.

When the funds arrive, I plan to ransack JoAnn's.  Note to Mike:  Honey, breathe..."ransack" does not mean to deplete our savings (which might be it simply means to finally be able to get the materials needed to sleep at night...eeer...I mean, complete my projects.

I have already started a few.  Unfortunately, that's not good enough.  I want to get to them all!
And I. simply. can't. wait.

Do you think they sell an anti-craft-bone-itch cream somewhere?  Wait.  What am I saying??

P.S.  Each picture below is linked up to it's 'how-to' website.  
So if you want your crafty bone to start itching...start clicking!

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