Friday, February 4, 2011


...or better known to the 'regular-joes' (like me):  straight out of the camera.  Don't worry, I didn't really have a clue what even that meant! ha!  Basically, it's a photograph that's been completely unedited.  Raw.'s a photograph straight out of the camera!

This is my first time partcipating in "Foto Friday" hosted by The Household6 Diva.  And the entry requirement was a 'sooc' photograph.  So here is my entry; completely untouched by photoshop...

Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago, IL
February 2011
I just got a new (fancy-schmancy-lots-of-buttons-bells-n-whistles-still-haven't-got-too-much-of-a-clue-and-trying-to-figure-this-photography-thing-out) camera as a Christmas present.  It's a Sony NEX-3. 

I became interested in photography because I wanted to learn to take better (and fewer..ha!) pictures for my scrapbook pages.  I wanted the things I captured to hold greater meaning than just a bunch of random snapshots.

I began to take my smaller (less fancy) beginner camera off of it's automatic settings and play/fiddle with all the options.  And I found that taking pictures became a whole lot more fun!  I could 'create' and use the camera as a tool, rather than be a slave to it.  And I started to see some results!  Now my appetite for photography has grown (and continues to do so).  I'm inspired to learn new techniques in any way I can.

That's why I started participating in this challenge.  Not only to learn from others, but to give place and purpose to practice!  Who knows how good I'll ever become...but here's to having a blast trying!!!

Household6Diva FotoFriday

P.S.  Ironically,
scrapbooking has
taken a back seat
to my picture-taking.
Maybe I should just
invest in good ole fashioned
photo albums and frames.
Yeah, I just may do that.


  1. Great shot! Thanks for visiting my blog-- Have fun with your new hobby!

  2. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Hi there! Welcome to Foto Friday - I too got a brand new fansy shmansy camera for Christmas. :) And my husband [who gave it to me] is sometimes wishing he hadn't. I spend a lot of time going OH that would look great and adjust settings and then .. so much for less pictures right?

    I'm glad your enjoying your camera, the "foto" is great, I love it! The centering and how you got it without any clutter of civilization blocking the guitar!

    PS for scrapbook purposes I've gone & put my stuff on shutterfly, at least to get albums printed out to have on my coffee table ;)

  3. Great pic Mich! I've recently become interested in photography too. Dave is into it, so I'm reading some books of his. Is your new camera an SLR? I'm playing with my "regular camera.". Dave has an SLR, so I'll play with that when I know what I'm doing!!!

    Dave's tip is to take MORE pics not fewer. His reasoning is if you take tons of pics you're bound to get a couple really cool ones. Also, if you see a really cool pic on the web you can usually find the info on it (apeture, shutter speed, ISO, etc), which can be helpful. I know fb strips the photo of that info, but usually can can find it out (just not sure how to get that stored info atm).

    I also love the idea of raw photos and part of the reason I wanted to learn!

    Lanni :)


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