Monday, December 20, 2010

speaking of cups....

Has this ever happened to you?
It's stuck.
Completely and totally stuck.
I tried to get it out.
I ran cold water over it (remembering from my school-science days, that cold temperatures cause molecules to "shrink"....hoping that the glass would shrink in size by mere nano-meters and causing it to happily slip out).
I gobbed it up with dawn soap.  Relying on slippery-viscosity to rescue me.
But made my life worse by wedging it in even more.
Apparently the glass didn't get the memo:  when she covers you in soap...slip out NOT in!

And then...
(cue hero-type music) rides my knight-in-shining-armor!
Mike got it un-stuck when he came home from work!
No broken glass or mug.
They are two separate beings again!
Wonderful joy!

But I'm pretty sure that my scientific approaches definitely loosened it up for him.

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