Tuesday, December 21, 2010

coolest card ever

I was inspired by a blog post found here.  She is a pretty amazing writer.  Her blog is one of those I simply cannot miss.  Like a really good sitcom.  You have to watch it (read it) when it happens or you're totally out of the "cool" loop.  That's how I feel, anyway.

And she's not one of those people I "know" out in blog-land (which means, I don't know them, as in:  I've never actually met them, but stalk their blogs), she's one of those people I know (as in:  I can actually physically go and talk to her..in real life...in person).  You should most definitely follow her.  She's worth every minute of your blog-hopping time.

Anyway.  Her post is about Christmas cards.  And that caused a recent image to flood-rush to the front of mind.  Mike and I saw a particular commercial last night.  And we. were. in. awe.  Our mouths dropped.  Our eyes bugged.  And we were silent for the entire commercial.  When it was done, we simultaneously spoke the words, "That was so cool."

And then we re-wound our DVR to play through it two more times trying to figure out just how this "thing" worked.

Are you curious?  Go with your instincts, Curious George, and do it.  Simply click here.

It is the coolest card EVER.  Like ever.

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