Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the result

Here is the result from her testing in NY city.
Quoted directly from her Facebook status:

Ok.. SOO.. here's the result! I prayed ALL last night, this morning, and on way to NY for the peace to accept whatever the Lord feels best for my life... I might have PPMS, but that doesnt mean that the Lord cant take control of it.. To say it simply.. i dont have stenosed veins, so Im not a candidate for CCSVI.
Post Script:

Mind you.. just because Im Not.. does now mean for all of u who have been tested yet.. to not keep trying to get tested.. i will pray for all of u to have th peace that I have now, knowing that the lord is just not done with me yet!!!! ... Have a blessed good nite.. and know. that I HAVE heard wonderful things about people that have been liberated.. it was just not for me.. I tried, and I learned Im not!!! BUT IM OK.. I PROMISE!!! Why u ask?? because I prayed for the peace in my heart no matter what the results were!!! And I am ok!!! Thank u all for the prayers!!! meant soo much to me! ♥

Thank you to all who prayed for Krystal.  It was a shot in the dark to see if it would be a possibility!  But as she says, the Lord knows best.  Continue to pray for her whenever you are reminded of her OR see the color orange.  She is still going to need the strength to fight!  And fight she will!

Here are some encouraging things found on her Facebook wall...

From her mom:  I am so proud of you!!!!!! You showed us all yesterday, how God can deliver peace in the midst of a storm. Even the Dr. God is working a miracle in your life right now and it is exciting to witness you as you demonstrate what God can do. Love you so so much!

From Vivian:  You are such a special young lady and I love the testimony you gave about having peace even when things don't turn out like you hope. I know you are a blessing to so many others. I'm glad I knew you when you were a little girl. You were sweet then...just like now!

From Tim:  You are an inspiration Krystal. I am so proud of you and will continue to pray for your healing and close walk with the Lord. Love you!

From Annette:   God loves his child and has given you strength and to show us to be strong as you are.  And a inspiration to me and to all of your friends and family.

From Susan:  You have been an inspiration to me and will continue to be! We are not done my friend! The Lord has put us here for a reason! 

From Frances:  Krystal, you are truly remarkable. Courage and grace in a woman so beautiful.

From her Aunt Janet:  My prayers are with you and yes, let God take control of your beautiful life. We all love you. Some-days may be harder than other but keep that trust in him. Stay that beautiful person you show us each day.  Love you very much.

Mark 14:35&36
35  And He went forward a little, and fell on the ground, and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from Him. 
36  And He said,  Abba, Father, all thing are possible unto Thee;  take away this cup from Me:  nevertheless not what I will, but what Thou wilt.

Glory to God in ALL things!


  1. Hi Michelle! Saw your blog on the Women Living Well blog... been blessed by the couple of posts I read! I see you have a daughter born a little over a week before my son- how fun! I love how you are striving to glorify God in all things- the theme of my life!

    Blessings to you!

  2. Hey thanks! I appreciate the comment! It is neat that you have a son around the same age!! Good to hear from another sister in Christ!


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