Friday, September 3, 2010

on this day

On this very day, X amount of years ago, my Daddy was born.

I love him so much because...
  • he bought me a winter jacket each year I was in school, even into my college-days.
  • he is my "fashion-designer".
  • he taught me how to fish.
  • he taught me how to drive a stick.  (But that doesn't mean I can drive one.  Which I can't.)
  • he taught me how to have fun.
  • he's like an MnM.  Crunchy, hard shell on the outside but a sweet softie on the inside.
  • he taught me how to be creative.
  • he taught me the importance of an education.
  • he took me to every museum in the world (well, it feels that way, at least).
  • he taught me to love books.  and bookstores.  we've spent countless hours in them.  literally, hours. 
  • he said 'no' to my husband when asked if he'd allow us to marry.
  • he then said 'yes' to my husband a few hours later.
  • he calls my husband 'son'.
  • he let me learn how to horseback ride.  Western-style.
  • he and I played video games together for 12 hours straight one Saturday.
  • he taught me to love nature.
  • he never lets me go hungry.
  • he would take me to the Bolton Fair.
  • he encourages me to pursue my dreams.  Marine Biologist.  Olympic Figure Skater.  Girl Scout.  Prima Ballerina. Horse ranch owner.  Teacher.  Mother.... 
  • he finds out what I'm interested in, then buys anything and everything pertaining to it.  for years to come.  (i.e. Spongebob...thanks, Daddy, for the Spongebob Monopoly game!)
  • he's my biggest fan. 
  • he loves my daughter.  A lot.
  • he taught me to love my country and respect Old Glory.
  • he taught me to thank active & veteran military wo/men.
  • he tells me stories of his time in the Navy.  Like the time the pilots brought back this aerial photo of an Italian beach and all the bathing beauties never knew...
  • he has taken me to Jake's restaurant since I was young.  and we still go get a good breakfast when I'm in town.
  • he taught me to work hard.  and do your job well.  and finish what you start.
  • he is loyal.
  • he supports me.
  • he's proud of me.
  • he cares about me.
  • he worries about me.
  • he loves me.  unconditionally.
  • he doesn't like to hear good things said about him.
  • he likes it when I do it anyway.

Love, your Punkin

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  1. Mike W.9/03/2010

    Love the party hat dad!!!


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