Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Three H's

Hazy.  Hot.  Humid. No, your eyes are not deceived. The temperature is completely accurate. Although, it actually felt hotter than even that.

After spending the night with Mike's best friend James and his wife, Amber, who happen to live in the D.C. area, we headed to the D.C. Mall. We went to check out the landmarks, museums and run into his brother Ben with family in tow (including a bun in the oven! hooray!).

We spent most of our time running back and forth from museums and landmarks to the meter in order feed it. Man, was that meter hungry! But it was in a prime location. Meaning, it was the only location in which there was a place to park. Seeing as beggars can't be choosers, we chose that spot.

Despite the heat and our marathon of meter-feeding, we had a good time. Annaleigh was able to meet Uncle Ben, Aunt Misty, and cousins, Leif and Levi.

We were able to visit some of the Smithsonian museums, a more welcomed option than strolling in the blazing hot sun. We headed to the Museum of Natural History and of American History. We gazed upon The Star Spangled Banner, the Hope diamond, some dinosaur bones, and a lump of petrified dung.

I was able to get a picture of the Washington Monument. We didn't get much further than that though. Did you know it felt like 102 degrees?

We spent WAY too much on lunch. Which we ate on the bottom floor of the Museum of Natural History. It consisted of two pieces of pizza, a small cup of watermelon and one soda. By the stunned-deer-in-the-headlights look on Mike's face as he wandered away from the register, I knew it wasn't good. I didn't ask how much it cost, I was too afraid.

The highlight of the trip for me was located in the room of the first ladies' gowns. A picture of Grover Cleveland and his wife. It was in the sweetest frame. And at the very bottom of the matte, was engraved the words...
...two hearts that beat as one.

I was tickled by that because, even in their time, love was just as mushy as I know it to be today. Doesn't it just make you want to go kiss your hubby?

When we spent, what we felt was, enough time in our Nation's capital, we headed back to our car.  A car pimped out with A/C.  We were happy that it would eventually cool down to a breathable temperature. Eventually.

We had a bit of struggle finding our way back to our beloved 81 North. After 2 hours of traffic, we found it. And I think we even saw the President's chopper flying overhead. Maybe it was the heat exhaustion causing mirages.  But I'm pretty sure it was him.

Week 2 of the
Weston family vacation
will soon be revealed.
Hint:  Woodchuck Fur

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