Tuesday, August 3, 2010

lollipops, giggles, and funny faces

As we drove 81 North, it was sad to say goodbye to Tennessee. We had a lot of fun getting away, seeing new and old friends, and spending time together as a family.

Our drive consisted of...
me tirelessly chomping away on the lollipop
I purchased from the Lollipop Shop
located across the street from our hotel.

Mike putting up
with my pyscho-picture-taking-frenzy
which ultimatley
caused him to become crazy himself.

and once I was able to ungraft the camera from my hand,
I jumped to the back seat to try and spend some quality time
with a very bored and tired little baby.
The result led to us all having a pretty fun time on a extremely endless road en route to Washington D.C.. We laughed until our stomachs hurt. This helped the road not be so...endless...and we only went a little bit crazy.

Maybe a lot crazy.

But between you and me. We already were.

We are crazy.
We are crazy.
We are nuts.
We are nuts.
Happy little morons.
Happy little morons.
(Insert an insane amount of 'raspberries' here.)

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