Wednesday, July 7, 2010

how we celebrated

Our Birthday Bash for the Land of the Free:
Date: 7/4/2010
Time: all day.
Place: our backyard.

We ate Speidies with our new-found friends, Ruth and Thomas.
They're new to the area.
They live at the end of our road.
And we found them.
I think they're amazing.

We set up the timer on my camera to attempt a family photo.
It worked.

We snapped shots of our adorable daughter being...well...adorable.

I love fireworks.
I sensed that my baby would not.

So, Mike bought some sort of legal explosive at the fireworks tent down the street. Our plan was to set it off in our backyard after the baby went to sleep. We purchased it for $3.99.

As the sun set and to my delightful surprise, from all sides, in a 100+ Scranton yards, the sky lit up with a techni-color display of gun powder.

We decided to join in the fun.
We lit it.
It exploded.
We oooo'ed and awww'ed.

We sat in our chairs.
We watched Scranton light up with celebration.
Happy to be free.

Be careful
with legal explosives,
sometimes they become
more explosive
after the initial explosion.
I speak from experience.

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