Sunday, November 29, 2009

39 weeks....

...and still waiting.

**deep sigh**

I know I'm being impatient. But I want to meet our baby girl!!!!

And I want to be out of all this discomfort. It's pretty miserable.

I'm having "false labor" almost every night until midnight. Then it goes away so I can sleep and I feel great in the morning. It's a bit frustrating. And terribly exhausting. I would like to either 'be in labor' or 'not'.

The hospital bags are all packed. The nursery is ready for a baby to sleep and poop in. All is in place. Now all we need is an actual baby...

Praying she's early.
Happy if she's punctual.
OK with her being late.
My main hope = healthy!

So as I tip back another hot chocolate...let's toast to patience while waiting!


  1. Girl if I was carrying around a watermelon, I would be uncomfortable too!!! Out Pastor's daughter-in-law is having hers next Tuesday and she looks so uncomfortable! She's small like you too. We'll be praying for you!! Hopefully she comes this week!!!! BTW, can you give me your address?

  2. Thanks for the prayers, they are needed!...and you are so right!...the doc suggested my discomfort is coming from the fact that I'm petite. ugh.

    My address is 1710 Academy St., Scranton, PA 18504.


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