Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School!

I miss being a teacher and getting to say that I'm going back to school. I miss that feeling of "newness" in the gut of my stomach as I prepare my classroom. I miss the excitment of the first day of class. I miss the smell of new books inside desks begging to be ripped, destroyed, and violently loved (or hated) by the end of the week. I miss seeing nervous little faces come through the door when I know deep in my heart, they are going to have the time of their life this year! I miss new backpacks and not-just-yet sticky lunch boxes. I miss watching moms and dads give 'just one more hug and kiss' (despite who needed it more - parent or child). I miss it ALL!

But this post isn't about me. It's about the hubby, Mike Weston. This week was his first "official" week back at the seminary for the Fall 2009 semester (he did have a module for the past 2 weeks, but I'm not sure if that counts, but it counts for credits, of course)!

I asked him on Monday, "So, do you have butterflies?"

"Nah," was the answer.

"Why, not?" I asked (a bit annoyed because I think everyone should have butterflies on their first day of school. Isn't it some sort of rule or something?)

"Well, I know everyone already. And it's not like I'm walking into my new homeroom as a sophomore. And I'm not wondering if 'Mrs. So 'n So' will hate me and give me bad grades. It just feels like I'm going to class...which I am."

"Oh," I say (only partially convinced because I still think butterflies are required, but he made some good points.)

So off he went at 6AM to make sure he arrived to his first class promptly at 6:30AM. As he drove away in the dark, I blew him kisses and thought to myself, "I'm so proud of him."

And I am.


  1. Okay, need to see more preggo pics!!!

  2. Hehe! Yes, they'll be coming! I have some, I've just not been too faithful in blogging lately!


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