Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Finally Did It!

After putting it off longer than I had wanted to, we went and registered for all things "baby" (and one thing not "baby", but you'll have to discuss that with Michael).

We registered at Baby's R Us and Target.

The lady who helped us at Baby's R Us instructed us to "...not be timid. Don't be afraid to register for the bigger and expensive items."


Who's timid!?
Mike and I are fearless!

We had the time of our lives! Despite my initial sense of being overwhelmed in a store that large, with objects and devices that are completely foreign to me. But that feeling quickly passed. Mike was in charge of the "gun" while I directed and pointed. We registered for everything and anything we felt our baby would need. What people get for us, they get. What they don't, they don't. As long as the basics are covered (diapers, wipes and onesies), I'm not going to worry. The rest to us is just "fluff". I strongly believe that "fluff" is helpful and convenient, but we are attempting to be minimalist's here. We are poor (my husband's in seminary, remember?). Beggars can't be be choosers. And I don't want to allow myself to come down with a case of "The Gimme's". We have faith in our Lord that He will provide all that we need! No more. No less.

It was such a happy day.
A chance to dream about our baby girl.

Did I mention exhausting?
No wonder they have "stork parking"....


  1. How much FUN!! I already have an outfit to mail to you for your little girl(any names yet? or are you the type that will keep it secret?) I also have some "favorite" things that I LOVED having for my babies so I will try to get a few for you!

  2. We are going to name her Annaleigh Grace! It makes me so happy to say it each time And no, not going to keep it a secret! I just haven't posted it or wrote it on facebook yet, but most people know.

    And thanks for thinking of us! We appreciate it!

    It was FUN! I love doing stuff like that!


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