Saturday, May 9, 2009

10 Weeks Preggo!

I guess the picture above speaks a thousand words! But at the time, I was in a little bit of denial. I mean, do these things REALLY work? Really?

Two weeks later I had a blood test and the nurse called me up and said, "Hunny, you are definitely pregnant. Ain't no doubt about that."

Still unsure (but yet completely hopeful it was true...or not?...maybe?...yes, I want it to be true) and wondering what kind of black magic vodoo-ism this could be, I still didn't REALLY feel like it was real until my OB appoint. on Friday.

The doctor pulled out her doppler machine which apparently lives inside the pocket of her official doctor coat. A necessary accessory for an OB, I'm sure. She gels and lubes up my tummy, turns on the doppler, places it in the exact spot, and the sweetest sounds fills up the little examining room...the sound of a rope swinging in the air or the sound of a horse galloping....this is the sound of my little baby's heart pumping it's very own was breathtaking.

"Are you sure that's not my heart beating?" I ask.
"Sweetheart," my doctor said, "your heart doesn't beat that fast. That's how I know it's baby."
That's when it became real.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant today. My baby is due December 5th. That's (about) the day when he/she makes his/her first debut into the world. And I'll be sure to place the thousands of kisses I've been saving up, and will continue to save up until that blessed day, all over that tiny little face.

Dear Baby,
We love you already. We love you with all our heart. You are God's gift to us. We can't wait to meet you. So grow strong and healthy until we finally meet.
With all our love, your Mommy and Daddy
P.S. Can you make sure to have some cute chunky cheeks? Chunky cheeks are my favorite.



  2. My heart is SO happy for you both- make SURE to take belly pictures- its fun to see the progression- you are going to be a cute preggo lady!

  3. Yay! Super excited for you! You really are going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever!


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