Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Rare Creature Emerges from Hiding...

Tomorrow is Mike's last "official" class of the semester! Hooray!

He still has a few more projects to complete by then end of next week, but he won't have to attend classes.

Then he'll have a module at the end of May...

....and that will be it for the entire summer!

Mike will be grateful for the break. I will be thankful to have my husband back! And I'm not the only one who is thrilled. Many a seminary wife, right now, at this exact moment, is hootin' and hollerin' at the completion of the semester!

Our husbands go into "hiding" at the beginning of each semester. It is so hard to nurture a marriage when you never see your spouse. And when you finally catch a rare glimpse, he (or you from taking care of the house alone as well as making and leaving the food outside the office door) is too exhausted to raise an eyelid - nevermind a kiss!!

I'll be glad to have someone to talk to again! You see, when he's reading, writing, studying, memorizing, and analyzing all day and everyday, there is a tendency to strike up conversation when you are in the general area. Such as: "Hey hunny, you'll never believe what happened today...oh sorry, nevermind. I forgot to not interrupt your train of thought. I'll let you get back to work. So sorry."

So glad he won't have to spend every spare second reading 700 pages of a required commentary. He can let his orange highlighter take a break to recoup.

He has almost completed ONE FULL YEAR of seminary! I'm so proud!

One year down...still counting...3 more to go until graduation day...

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