Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Scranton Penguins

Our neighbor, Gary, got us free tickets to the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins vs. the Philadelphia Phantoms Hockey Game last Wednesday! Our tickets were club tickets. Which meant cushy seats for our cushy bottoms and a really great parking spot (for free, of course). We had no idea that the arena was only 15 minutes from our house!

Mike and I had a blast! We ate the BEST french fries and Chicken Fingers I've had in a LONG time! The game was upbeat, fast, and exciting! It ended in a sudden death overtime shoot out! The Penguins won, of course. The fans are CRAZY! They LOVE hockey! And are super-loyal to their Penguins!

Mike says, "Each area has it's own sports culture." I concur.

Their uniforms were suitably green to celebrate the recent holiday. "We won't tell them St. Patrick's Day is over," Mike whispers.

"Tux, the Penguin" their mascot, suprisingly, has amazing skill on the ice.

We ended the night with having free Dr. Pepper Cherry handed to us as we left the arena. (No, it wasn't poisoned with drugs). It was delightfully refreshing.


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