Monday, December 22, 2008

The Gray PA

For some time now I've been in something I keep calling a "funk". I call it that because I'm not sure what my deal is. What I do know is that I don't feel like myself too much lately. It's weird, because as I analyze my life (a common past-time) I don't see a valid reason for my "funk". My life is as good as it's ever been!

Recently, Mike and I were invited over a new friend's house (a fellow "seminarian") to eat some pizza, desserts, play games, and hang out. There were three couples there that night. And as usual, the boys wander off to a section of the house to talk about "man" things, while the girls travel to some other location and discuss "women" things. I happened to mention my current "funk" and my lack of understanding as to it's source.

I relayed to these ladies my symptoms. They are as follows:

#1 - When I get home from work, I want nothing more than to lie down on the couch and sleep the day away until the next morning.

#2 - I have absolutely NO MOTIVATION to do anything necessary (like clean or make dinner), profitable (study for my Sunday school lesson), or enjoyable (the 100 different ongoing craft projects I'm involved in).

#3 - I feel so sad and unhappy in my heart.

#4 - I feel that something is wrong with me which just simply adds to #3.

Come to find out, something IS wrong with me. But at the same time, it's nothing to be alarmed about OR uncureable.

Those wonderful ladies informed me that what I have is "Winter Depression". Both said, that they too, have experienced it one time or another while living in PA.

What I did not realize is, that winter's in MA (though bitter cold) are quite sunny. It may be winter, but if sitting in the right spot in the house, you could enjoy for a moment, the sun's "summer-time" warmth as it beats down through the window onto a portion of your body.

The winter's here in PA are quite the opposite. Very gray. And after I thought about it, I don't remember the last time it was sunny! PA always has that gray, about-to-snow look. And I mean always, even when it's not going to snow.

So praise the Lord I know the cause of this "funk" I'm in! Praise the Lord I'm not going crazy...well, maybe I already am...but that's besides the point.

The ladies gave me a suggestion that has helped both of them. Regular exercise. They said that if they don't go to the gym or do some kind of rigorous activity, they start to feel that "funk" seep into their brain. So, I feel confident that soon, I will feel better again.

Now...where is that exercise video I bought once?....hmmm....


  1. okay, I was about to say that you sounded pregnant!!! guess not but I can't wait to hear that announcement someday!!!

  2. So sorry to dissappoint you, Chas! I totally didn't even realize that it DOES sound like I'm pregnant!! haha! That would be an even BETTER reason to feel so gross. But someday...prayerfully sooner than later! (Keep your ears open!)


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