Sunday, December 2, 2012

what i learned today

Today I realized that I don't have to be the most perfect at everything I do so that it's the most "Pintrest" worthy.  I don't have to make every.single.goodie I pin.  I don't have to attend every.single.event this Christmas season.  I don't have to give member a gift. I don't have to send our Christmas card.  I don't have to create ever.  I don't have to make every.single.craft I discover.  I don't have to make it.ALL.from.scratch.  I don't have to be.sucked.into social media's expectations.

All I have to do is find the simplest/shortest route at making the hearts of my own little family happy.

Sometimes that means, sitting still long enough to let my baby find my lap.

Playing peek-a-boo.

Or fixing my 3YO's tangled necklace...again.

Sometimes it means sharing a box of $0.39 Mac n Cheese and a movie.

It doesn't have to be fancy, original, new, elaborate, clever, awe-inspiring. or even interesting.

Find out what makes your husband and children smile.  And do that.

You just might be surprised.

And you just might find what you've always been looking for:



  1. Anonymous12/03/2012

    love this :)

  2. Don't forget hot cocoa with extra marshmallows :-)


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