Monday, September 10, 2012

you don't really mean that...

"What if we worshiped Jesus in our church the same way we cheer for our favorite football team during a game?"

I grew up in a church that would make that general statement every once in a while. And I truly believe it would affect my thinking the way it in which it was intended. It was a way to encourage a congregation to be enthusiastic and joyous about worship.

Yet after having the opportunity to serve in other churches since that time, I have experienced an authentic enthusiasm when worshiping. And surprisingly, it does resemble that of a football game:

Hands raised.
Voices high.
Clapping with joy.
Music loud.

So why does this statement not work in most churches? Why does the congregation not ever appear to be instantly "enthused"?

Because those in "charge" don't REALLY want you to act like that. It opposes their traditions & forces them out of their comfort zone. And maybe, just maybe, you might be pulled aside and asked to put your hands down and told "we don't do that here."

This past Sunday, all these thoughts passed through my mind. Why? Because I was worshipping my Savior with so much joy that my hands were in the air. I was surrounded by voices singing high. The music loud & uplifting. And hands clapping to the beat. It was phenomenal! And it hit me...

I'm at a football game! Ha!

I finally witnessed what it really meant to worship Jesus the same way I'd cheer for my favorite team!

And I loved it. Through & through.

Was I making a spectical of my faith? Was I making the worship "all about me" instead of God?

You might think so if you saw me. But I'm here to tell you I wasn't. Why? Because each person is accountable ONLY to God for their actions. So such behavior is not for you to judge. Because if I have improper motives, that's between God and I.

And I can honestly tell you I was worshipping with heartfelt sincerity.

I'm thankful to be a part of a church that understands that. Encourages that. And wants the Lord to be glorified with hands lifted high.

So go ahead. Live with passion. Because a life lived without passion isn't a life worth living.


  1. David Dube9/10/2012


  2. I've finally experienced that here at my church. I love worshipping with emotion in a way i never have before and i love being surrounded by brothers amd sisters who are just as excited

  3. WHOOHOO!!! LOVE worshipping with hands lifted high- cannot wait for heaven where that worship will be even LOUDER and more amazing than anything we have experienced here on earth!


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