Tuesday, May 15, 2012

connections. they make it hard. and yet so easy.

So much to say.
So much has happened!
(I think.)
I've been busy being a wife and mom.  And can I tell you, that as soon as I forced myself to make my husband, kids, and home a priority, my attitude has significantly improved!  It's amazing.  When you take Titus 2:3-5 as seriously as you should (or the rest of God's word for that matter) and start putting it into practical practice...your life works.  huh.  who knew?

But here's the latest and greatest...

The first Thursday night in May, the seminary had it's annual banquet.  This year's theme was "Connections".  Meaning:  BBS is a place where you make those connections (with profs and friends) that will last and stand the test of time.  These people will be there whenever you need them most, for whatever the reason.  Those connections that will help make life easier when full-time ministry makes life hard. 

The interns that will be "going out"
 were asked to share the location of our placement
and a prayer request for the year.
Dr. Mappes was the key-note speaker that night.  And that's basically what he spoke on.  I couldn't agree more.  I could **easily** make you a list, super-fast, of all my super-amazing friends/mentors I have from this place.  And hence, the reason behind why leaving is going to be so. darn. hard.

Thomas & Ruth
Fellow 2012-2013 interns.
Our neighbors.
Our dear friends.
Like family.
The next night (Friday) we had our annual "Intern Wives Celebration" (formally known as the "SWF Tea").  My. absolute. favorite.  Do you know how much I love that night?  Well, I love that night.  Like a whole lot.  A lot.  It's a night I look forward to all year long.  It's right up there with date night.  no joke.  This night is pretty much the best.

All the intern wives of that current year, come on back to the area.  #1 for graduation.  But #2 for that night.  We all sit around, eating desserts and drinking iced-cold lime-slice-filled water, and listen to these girls (my friends) pour their hearts out.  They tell about their internships.  The good.  The bad.  The ugly.  And the tears...oh! the tears we all shed!  Tears of shared JOY.  And tears of shared heart-ache.  Tears of shear FEAR (well, for me anyway...seeing as Mike and I are heading out for our internship soon...***gulp***....help?)  Everyone's faith becomes a little stronger.  A little more sure.  A little more real.  You can actually see God working in your lives.  Right in front of you.  Before your very eyes.  You see the Master's hand painting, with precise and calculated brush-strokes, a masterpiece out of a life.  Theirs.  And yours.  And God is so REAL in that moment.  You have full confidence that if you reached out your hand, you could actually touch Him.  I'm not kidding.  Because the fire in your soul gets stirred.  And the flame burns hotter.  And you are reminded of your purpose.  You feel whole.  You feel loved.  And you want to go.  Run.  And drive hard and fast after God's glory.

That's what makes me love that night so much.  And those ladies.  They understand all that.  We feel it.  Together.  A common bond and passion to please God with our lives.  And not just to be satisfied with today.  But to grow greater.  Better.  For the cause of Christ.  The bond that is created in that room is like nothing I've ever known.  That yielding to God and welding of passion is what makes those 'connections' stand the test of time.
And one more of Ruth.
Because, honestly...
I love her.
I know God has sent BBS and all the good it has done in my life for a purpose.  And for a season.  But it doesn't make this "leaving" thing any easier.  Like I said....it's gonna be so. darn. hard.

My SWF small group: May 2011
(sadly, not all the ladies are represented in this pic)
{can I get a shout-out to group #3!  woot!  woot!}

Thunderstorms predicted.
Warmth welcomed.
Sundresses anticipated.

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  1. I miss that night too. You described it so well. Miss you friend


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