Friday, May 25, 2012

10 random facts friday

Usually, as known by my facebook followers, I post "Five Fast Facts Friday" in my status.  Which  goes on to list...well...five fast facts...about that most recent week/day.  But my friend Jessica does a post on her blog called "10 Random Facts Friday" I decided to follow in her steps this week.  So I'm switching out one for the other today...seeing as I have lots to say today and feel it too difficult to commit to the word "fast".  So here's double the facts while being doubly long.  Not sure how that's suppose to be MORE appealing..but..whatev.

Hold on.  Here we go.

1.  We got official word on our internship housing!!  ))insert fist pump here((  This is such an answer to prayer.  Now I can start purging and packing more appropriately.  Which is a major bonus for my neurotic, A-type psyche.  And that helps me to sleep better at night, too.  Which ultimately means in this house...we all win.

This is the picture we sent into our internship site.
They needed a picture that would "introduce us" to their congregation.
This was taken by our "second mom", Sue, (affectionately called, "Mim")
while visiting Massachusetts last weekend.

2.  I am becoming increasingly interested in jumping on this running/5K phenomenon bandwagon.  This thought makes me laugh.  Until my sides hurt.  I hate exercise more than I hate doing the dishes.  I'm pretty sure I am what they call "skinny fat".  Meaning:  I'm not fat, but I have internal fat deep in my body that eats away at my body due to me being almost entirely inactive.  (Here's me wishing that chasing my babies around all day long kept me in amazing shape...but alas...we all know the truth about that one...)  I've pinned like a bagillion "running" pins on Pintrest.  I'm in that stage where I think about running a LOT and my motivation of starting such an {ominous} task is overwhelming.  I think I'm on the brink of breaking out those running shoes.  But maybe tomorrow...

3.  I will be scrapbooking tomorrow from 9am - 9pm.  YES.  You read that right!  9-9.  (!!!!!)  holy. moley.  I bet you had no idea I love to scrapbook that much...huh?  Well, I DO.  I love it sooo sooo much.  It's one of my favorite past-times.  One, of which, I hardly have ANY time for these days (gee...I wonder why? it must be all that non-healthy running around after my kiddos).  I'm over-joyed at the opportunity to scrap ALL DAY LONG with NO INTERRUPTIONS.  It's honestly like a dream come true for me.  If anyone was to ask me what my "dream day" would look like...well, it would be to do this!  no joke!!  I'm eternally grateful to my amazing husband who will be willingly watching our two little loves all day long by himself.  I'm thankful that he loves to see me happy.  Besides, I had a scrapbook of Annaleigh's 1st year all done by her 1st birthday party.  I had visions of doing this for all my children.  And....??  fail.  I haven't even done one...not for John David.  I'm excited to get a kick-{in-the-pants}-start on his 1st year scrapbook!!!  hip hip hooray for days filled with craftiness!!!!

4.  Mike bought me an iPhone for Mother's Day.  oh. my.  Talk about a time-consumer.  A really FUN time-consumer.  I mean, I love this thing.  Not sure my children are getting adequately cared for ever since.  Ironic.  p.s.  To say I'm obsessed with Instagram would not do it justice.  I. can't. get. enough.  btw, follow me:  @mrsmweston.  Do it.  You know you want to.

5.  John David had his 9-month-old wellness visit this week.  He is 16 lbs, 25-1/2 in.  They say he's on the border of average/small.  But I ask this:  are they using their eyes to actually see???  Haven't they seen this kid??? He's a MONSTER.  His head is larger than his sister's head.  And she's 2.  Granted she's on the petite-side.  Regardless, everyone who sees him says he's a brute.  Husky.  And nicely "filling-out".  The comments on his squishy-soft-rolls are endless.  But who am I to say?

On another note, he eats table-food like it's going out of style.  With NO teeth.  Not even one little chomper has pushed their way through his whittle pink baby gums.  Nottaone.  My mother-in-law suggested that "gums are powerful things".  I should say so. He eats tacos (for reals), cinnamon rolls, watermelon, pears, spaghetti, crackers, chili, banana bread, to name a FEW.  And he gets real mad if you don't share anything that you put to your mouth.  That boy is a b.o.y.

6.  Twelve years ago, today, my Gramma Willey went to be with her Savior.  I was one-month, exactly, from turning 21.  I was in the very depths of my darkest moments in my life.  I miss her more than words could properly express.  Even more so, words could never adequately show you just how special she was...not just to me...but to everyone who knew her.  God was her first love.  And we all got the benefit from that.  My heart aches for want of seeing her soon.  But until then, I pray she's proud of me.  I pray she knows I think of her often.  I pray she knows that she's still very much loved down here.

7.  I got to speak with my internship mentor last night.  Her name is Heidi.  And I was already very encouraged by the things she had to say.  I went from feeling very nervous and cautious, to being quite excited and ready to start!  Rochester apparently has a zoo, for which we can get a season pass.  I can't wait!  And she assured me that we won't be treated like "DBI's".  What? I know.  I didn't have any idea either.  "DBI" stands for "Dirt-Bag-Interns".  Seriously?!  Church people call other people that??  She encouraged me that we will be treated with respect and Mike treated as a colleague.  phew.  So good to know!  (And I didn't even know I wanted to know that.  I'm glad I know now!)

8.  Mike is reading through a non-fiction book, for fun, about the destruction of the whale-ship Essex. (Which I thought was fiction at first, and he just scoffed...silly me...I've never seen him read a fiction book in my life!)   It's about these sailors who hunt whales.  As he's shared what he's read, it's has caused my eyebrows to raise more than once.  Let's just say, the people of the 1800s weren't much different than the people of 2012.  Despite all that, I'm glad he has the time, now, to read the books that he actually WANTS to read and has been waiting to read for 4 years.  It's good to see him enjoy his free time after being happily enslaved to the seminary's work-load.  It's does this wife's heart a lot of good.

9.  As Annaleigh ran towards me today, she flew open her arms, fell into me, wrapped herself around my neck and said, "So love you, Mama!"  melt. my. heart.  That's the first time she's done that without prompting.  I about died and went to heaven.  It makes all those daily-sweetly-stubborn moments of hers WORTH IT.  (And for a point of reference, whenever Annaleigh prefaces her sentences with the word "so" means A LOT.  For example, "So wet, Mama" means "this is really wet, Mama".  Or "so big!" means "this is really big!") I loved it.  I love her.  She's the bestest littlest girl EVER.

10.   For the next week, I will be immersed in finishing up a crafty project for our church's children Sunday-school classes.  It's a project that gets ALL the kids involved in helping to decorate the children's wing for our summer theme.  Instead of a "VBS", our church takes a VBS theme and stretches it out over the course of the summer.  They have a theory:  A VBS week is a good thing.  BUT, why create spiritual "hoop-la", full of uncharacteristic off-the-wall fun for an entire week that gets "un-churched" kids excited to come to church on a regular basis, only to find out that "normal" Sunday-school isn't like that at all?  So what we do, is take the theme and the "fun" things and plug them into our "regular" schedule.  And the extra "fun" things, we explain, are because it's summer...and everyone does fun and different things all summer long!  (Disclaimer:  I am not saying a VBS week is not good or profitable...IT MOST DEFINITELY's just not what our church finds effective, in our immediate community, to develop regular attendance in children and their families.)  That being all said, our theme is "Amazement Park".  We will be studying "answers in Genesis" with the kiddos.  Should be wonderful to see how God works in the lives of the young people of our community this summer.  Please pray that we would see the fruit of our increase and that God would get all the glory!!!

Hot and loving it!


  1. David Dube5/25/2012

    2. Just do it! Its my stumbling block as well. I publicly vow here and now to go for a morning walk before it gets too hot tomorrow. There, hold me accountable please.

    8. Mike will not be able to put it down. Its a great Christian Fiction.

    David Dube

  2. David Dube5/26/2012

    I did it! I went for a mile walk with my beautiful bride and our dog Grace.

  3. I loved the details... especially the news on your internship housing... I'd love more details sometime!! :)


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