Wednesday, March 28, 2012

my plans aren't always His plans...

...and that's a good thing!
Today was no exception.
If you asked me what I had "planned" for the day, it wasn't this!
One of the things on my "to-do" list was to continue with  my blogging series.

But at 10:30am, I got a phone call from my husband letting me know he will be coming home for lunch {insert elation!}...with...guests {a family of 6, mind you}!  

{insert frantic-perfectionist-control-freak-panic here}

Needless to say, I figuratively threw my 2012 planner out the kitchen window.

And I geared up and switched my focus into "hostess-mode".

{Side note/story:  Let me just take a minute to say something here.  I have recently been training myself to get into the regular habit of maintaining my household:  beds made every morning, dishes done multiple times per day (and especially before bed), doing a 10 minute "sweep" of my house here and there throughout the day, doing one load of laundry/day, cleaning up toys before nap-time and before bed-time, etc, etc.  I've been doing great at this!  I'm so proud of myself!  {patting myself on the back}  I rarely have had days of intense cleaning...because I do a little bit each day.

All this to say, when Mike called me, the panic wasn't because my house wasn't in order...because my house looked great {I have not always been able to say this}!  The heart of the reason why I've been trying to do better at keeping my house is because of the Lord's recent conviction.

He has been showing me, over time, that this "job" of being a SAHM, has been appointed by Him to me...being a SAHM is a blessing and a great ministry.  One which brings glory to God!  I'm learning this life is not a burden, but a blessing!!!

And when Mike called, that mind-set was confirmed.  Because Mike told me {in more or less words} that he knew he could call with such a request, and not place extra pressure on me, because he knows how hard I've been working to maintain the order of our home.  This showed me that keeping my home orderly, on a regular basis, is work I do for the glory of God. And, although, most days, I never see how my "work" affects eternity, today I did!!

With misty eyes, the couple that came to eat lunch with us, expressed such deep gratitude and expressed God's confirmation on their decision to start seminary in the fall due to the incredible hospitality they have felt while being in PA.  Can you believe that?  Mopping my floors IS A MINISTRY.  What a blessing!  Not only to my family, but to those unexpected guests that happen to drop by!!  To God be the GLORY.

What if my house looked like it usually did?  (a disaster...)  I wouldn't have been as willing to accept these guests into our home.  And a willingness to be hospitable was what the Lord wanted from me today!  I was able to participate in the Lord's will for my life, the life of Mike and the lives of our guests because my house  wasn't gross!  (I said it wasn't 'gross', mind you.  That's because it's not eat-of-the-floor-clean and do NOT have to have a perfect home - or clean, for that matter - to be hospitable and used of the Lord...and my house is usually GROSS.  Yes, I know even stating that fact is 'gross'.  But it's the truth.  And that's what you get when you come visit my blog, folks.)  What I'm saying is that I could HAPPILY participate in God's will for my life because I was already actively doing God's will in my life.  I needed that confirmation from Him.  He doesn't have to choose to give that to me, but He does.  And that's true love, folks....}

UPDATE:  The family above talked with Mike when they returned to the seminary.  They went on to discuss how the Lord has strongly convicted them during this trip in the area of hospitality.  They have a new desire to show the same abundant love and friendliness towards others that are in the same circumstances they are currently in:  in the process of up-rooting their family, the transitions involved, and the various trips to the seminary (before they attend) to figure out details (housing, jobs, schools, etc...).  They want to be able to happily open their homes to prospective seminary families because of how hospitable every one has been to them here!  How cool is that???  All the glory goes to the Lord.

Anyway...there is one thing that has remained on my to-do list.  That is to go get ready for our date night!  Can I get a woot!  woot!

So if you'll excuse me, here I go!

See you all tomorrow when I {prayerfully and in God's will} continue my blogging series on true beauty.

Annaleigh helping me feed John David a bottle.
(Sometimes he requires a supplement of formula because he's hungrier than what I can give him!)
That boy loves his food!!

67° and weird weather.
We've had dark clouds, rain, sun, wind, cold, warm, and the threat of a thunder storm.
Like I said...weird.


  1. I'm so happy to hear about how cleaning and homemaking is going. I know how stressful it was for t you before so to hear that things are going better and that you are encouraged makes me happy. I wish we could spend a day together.

    1. Thanks for sharing in my joy! To be's YOUR example and the example of your Mom that has encouraged me in the "art of maintaining"! I'm serious!!! It's been such a long road/process because old habits die hard...but it's working and I've never been happier! And yes, I wish everyday that we could spend another day together!!! But I'm THRILLED that life is wonderful for you in CO. God is so good. And I'm thankful to Him for the journey's He has given us...because I was blessed to "bump" into you along the way. Love you, my friend!!

  2. Anonymous3/29/2012

    Loved this! Very encouraging. :o) *Oh, Juleah, get off the computer you have some laundry to fold!*

    1. Juleah, your cute. That's why I love you.

  3. Oh, that gave me a little kick in the pants! I ate housecleaning ad I have a clutter problem!


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