Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the blanket that reminds me to pray

I sit on my couch, wrapped up in the most amazingly soft and warm blanket.

It's color?  ivory.

It's size?  queen.

It's sleep-inducing hypnosis?  toxic.

This blanket is highly coveted in this household.  And used to warm up frigid souls during any crocheting session, movie night, reading adventure, or Sunday afternoon naps.  It never gets folded.  Or put away.  When not in use, it lives on the couch how it was left:  pushed back, toppled over and waiting for you to return.

This is the man who gave us that blanket.
His name is Bob.
He is the husband of my cousin, Beth.

After seeing our undying love for his blanket during each visit to his house,
he went out and purchased one for our family.

Because that's what he does.
He gets satisfaction from helping people.
His heart is one size larger than the entire world.
He has immense integrity.
A reputable good name.
He's a hard worker.
In deep love with his family.
A God-fearing man.
And a valiant warrior for Jesus Christ.

As much joy as it brings me to wrap myself up in this blanket as I release all abandon into it's soft layers...
...recently, it has brought to me a heavy heart.

Bob has cancer...

He has been diagnosed with stage four peritoneal adinocarcinoma. At the time the cancer was discovered (February 2010) it was already stage four and the oncologists gave him 3-6 months without chemotherapy. At that time he was too sick to have chemo administered. Since healing from surgery, he has undergone many rounds of chemotherapy which he has handled well so far. It is keeping it from spreading as of right now. Bob's cancer is not a mass as you think of it - it's literally the rarest of cancer cells spread throughout his peritoneum which is the serous membrane that forms the lining of the abdominal cavity. He will be on chemo the rest of his life unless God intervenes and cures him completely.

he undergoes another surgery.
His sister-in-law, Gina, says it best:
Bob is having a surgery in Boston. He has been very sick lately with pain, nausea, dehydration, and losing weight. We are praying this surgery will give him some major relief. Please pray for more wisdom for the doctors and that there are no complications. As always we pray for the miracle of healing for Bob! Pray for the family also, as HARD is getting HARDER. May the LORD be glorified through it all! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! WE LOVE YOU BOB!!!!!
Would you join me in prayer for him today?
He needs it.
His wife, Beth, needs it.
His adult children, Stephanie and Jessica, need it.
Please pray for Beth's peace, the doctors hands who are working on him and for Bob as he is in there and the recovery afterward.

No one deserves to be diagnosed with cancer. But especially this man...

That blanket may give me a heavy heart...
...because I can sense his struggle and pain and hurt.
But as I wrap up in it's warmth, I'm reminded how much I love him.
And that a sovereign God loves him so much more.

I will not stop throwing myself at the feet of Jesus.
I will pray.
Until there is an answer.

How could Bob know that by his own token of kindness those few years ago, he would be giving us his very own "prayer card"?  God is so good.

But for now, I will leave you with this:  the very own words of Bob and Beth....
Now..............one thing that Bob and I have been thinking about is this.  Please do not get discouraged when I have to give you bad news.  We do not want that to diminish your faith.........in fact, just the opposite.  God is in control of all things.  He has a master plan.  It is a good plan and it is good for all of us involved.  All Bob and I want is to make sure that God's eternal glory and plan is accomplished.  And if it means, we have to suffer to make that accomplished, so be it.  We don't like having to be hurting and I know you do not either, but ultimately we have an eternal hope and this life is just a blip on the screen of eternity.  Isn't it wonderful to know we have that eternal hope?   He is not finished with his work globally and he isn't finished with us yet either.  We are all still praying for total healing, so keep up those prayers, too! And, remember.........it is God that is doing the healing, not anything or anyone else. Our God is able!!!

Love in Christ,
Bob and Beth

Want updates and information on how to best pray for them?  
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  1. Awe- brought tears to my eyes- Bob is the most kindhearted man I have ever met- honestly! I miss them and pray for his healing every day!

  2. Michelle,
    How beautifully written. Bob, Beth and the family are in my prayers every day. Thank you for sharing your story. Love you.


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