Friday, December 2, 2011

self-control & love {among other things}

My friend, Sarah, and I showed up at the SWF Christmas meeting wearing the same thing!
{It wasn't even planned}

So last night I went to our December {Christmas} Seminary Wives Fellowship meeting.  And Joanna {our speaker} was at it again:  being used of the Lord to allow Him to convict my heart.  She spoke on self-control. Which, at first, I thought "oh...I got this.  I'm pretty good at self-control."  But soon, as she dove into God's Word, I was eating my words {along with my Christmas cookies}.  It's almost laughable to even think I thought such a thing.  Self-control is definitely an area in which I need the Lord's help!

December 2009
November 2011
Tomorrow will be a day filled with cupcakes, banners, and fun games.  My daughter will be having her 2nd birthday party!  Where has the time gone?!?  Wasn't she just born?  Wasn't I just holding her in my arms, with tears welling in my eyes, at the miracle and beauty of her newborn little self??  Now she constantly talks, jumps around, and knows how to make me laugh with her adorable antics!  I'm doing my best to savor her and hold onto each moment of joy she brings to my life {and believe it or not, sometimes that's hard for me to do}.  It can easily be missed among the busy-ness of life.  On that note, I'll be busy today attempting to make tomorrow super-special for her.  I want smiles to pop(!) from her lips all day long!  The theme, you ask?  Why, Lightning McQueen, of course.  Would there be any other theme for a 2-year-old little girl??  I think it's safe to say she would marry McQueen if we'd let her....

April 2011
In other news, we are praying {fervently} for a internship placement.  {Internship would begin Summer of 2012, for us.} The Director of internships at the seminary can't even nail-down any prospective places for us to go.  yikes.  And where do we want our internship to be?  In New England, of course. That's the area of which our hearts are most burdened.  And we'd like to get back to that area, sooner than later.  But the problem is, there aren't any churches {that we know of} that would be a good fit.  There are some basic requirements of which a church must fulfill for it to qualify as an internship placement.  And we don't even have a contact.  Doesn't that say something to you?? It does to us.  DOCTRINALLY-SOUND CHURCHES ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED in that area of our country.  And it makes me that much more homesick {I was born and raised in Massachusetts}.  As we drove around my hometown over Thanksgiving, I yearned and longed to come back soon.  Not to be near family {although that's a bonus}, but to start a church and reach people for the gospel.  To reach a people who haven't a clue that they have a deep need for Jesus.  Please pray with us.  We know God has a plan.  Praise the Lord, He's proven Himself to us, already, during our 6 years of marriage.  And He's lead us down roads we never dreamed of {both good and bad}.  So, we are willing to travel down the road He has for us.  We are just waiting for that road to materialize...

P.S  John David loves his Gramma....

Happy Friday!


  1. Come to Christ Community Church in East Taunton, MA...only because I selfishly want you there! :)
    Seriously though, I pray God places you exactly where He wants you to be :). New England is in dire need...

  2. I am very very very very very sad Carson is not there to help annaleigh celebrate her McQueen birthday. He would absolutely love it! Miss you dear friend. Keep me posted on the internship :)

  3. Glad John David likes his digging shirt :) ps. it would be kind of awesome to have the PA/MA Westons over here on the west coast for a while--you don't even want to get me started on being homesick for another part of the country, but at least we could enjoy this part of God's adventure for us together :)

  4. A very happy birthday to both you and your precious daughter!

    Praying for a perfect fit for your internship. We love having interns but you want to be slightly north of us...


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