Friday, December 9, 2011

quiet snowman toes

If you follow me on FaceBook, then you are already privy to some of this information.  But if you don't follow me, consider yourself lucky, because I'm expounding to you the extended version.

With the 2nd year anniversary of my daughter's birth comes a big change.  Lots of growing up {for her and Mommy, that is}.  She moves into the 2s and 3s class at church where she plays with big(ger) girl toys, has a "hook" with her name on it, takes trips to the bathroom {even though she's not potty-trained yet, she just likes to tag-along, they tell me}, participates in snack time, drinks from paper cups, sings songs, is taught an actual lesson, and makes an arts-n-craft project. 

Yesterday, our church's Mom's Alive! group met for our monthly meeting {it's a combination between my SWF group and the well-known MOPS groups}.  And Annaleigh went to her "new" room.  Upon picking her up...I'm handed the most adorable snow-man ornament my eyes have ever seen.  An ornament crafted by my own daughter.  My 2YO baby.  This is monumental to me, to say the least.  And I had such mixed emotions.  So proud.  So sad.  Her first creation created in the "outside" world.  Without me.  Was that jealously I just saw creeping into my heart?

Every time she notices her ornament on our Christmas tree, her eyes flicker.  "Do you see that, Mom?  Yeah.  I totally made that.  I'm awesome."

Speaking of Mom's Alive!...the most exciting this about our December meeting was that it was designated a "Mom's-Day-Out".  You drop off your kiddos and run away for 3 hours.  And run away I did!  Straight to Starbucks.  Earlier that day, I searched high and low to find lost coins in my house.  I looked in piggy banks of small children.  The junk drawer.  The bottom of our catch-all baskets.  In our office desk.  Pockets.  Bottom of my purse.  All in vain.  60 cents in dimes.  That's it.  {well...honestly, I found some pennies, too.  But it's humiliating enough to count out silver coins for your smanshy-fancy drink...never mind whipping out copper currency...}

But low and behold, my knight in shining armor came to my caffeinated rescue once again!  Michael texted {is that even a word?} me to say he had 2 bucks in his pocket that I could have.  {you mean I get to pay with REAL money??  Humiliation annihilated.  Love that man.}

I walk into Starbucks and peer behind the counter.  I see the most beautiful words written in chalk:  Espresso Roast.  Oh.  This is a good day.

Grande beverage.  Bible.  Good book.  Journal.  And my thoughts.  {My very own quiet, un-interrupted thoughts for 3 hours.}  Sweet mommy-hood bliss.

In other news this week, John David has discovered the existence of his feet.  And his obsession is simply adorable.  The second you change his diaper, his feet leave his jammies{or if you take his socks off - that's if he hasn't kicked them off first} as they sense the light of day, and fly right up to his face so he can get a good look.  His hands grope his toes, a smile adorns his face and contented coos leave his lips.  Like I said, adorable.  And some bonus info about my little man:  he probably has the sweetest countenance of any little guy I know.  Such a gentle spirit.  Just as darling as ever....which makes him easy to snuggle.  And kiss.  Love that little man.


  1. I am glad you had such a great time at your Mom's Alive - Moms Day Out! I remember that from when I was on furlough - what a ministry! How sweet that your daughter is in the 2's and 3's now. My mom probably enjoys having her during every sunday school hour! ; )

  2. Gabriel moves up to 2's and 3's next Sunday! I'm excited!! They are growing up toooo fast! P.S. love the pics of John David and his precious feet :-)

  3. I remember hearing Amelia reading to our little neighbor girl when she was 6. I had a mix of pride that I had taught her to read and that she was reading so well and deep sadness, because my baby didn't need me to read to her anymore. Many more of these moments await you, so don't put away your tissues yet!!

  4. What wonderful news today! I just finished decorating my tree and it has my children's ornaments. It is the best part of decorating! Make sure to date it!


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