Monday, December 5, 2011

faster than fast, quicker than quick...

...Annaleigh has turned 2 years old {as of yesterday}!

And we celebrated her birthday on Saturday.  The theme was, none other, than "Cars" {the movie}.  To say Annaleigh was obsessed with Lightning McQueen and Mater would be an understatement.

We had a great time surrounded with people who care about her.  However, it's times like these that make me sad I'm far from family.  No Grammas.  No Grampas.  No Aunties and Uncles.  And no cousins to share in her special day.  {I really shouldn't complain though, because she did receive a nice showering of gifts and [giant cup] cake with her MA family during our Thanksgiving trip!  AND her Florida Gramma and Grampa sent her some wonderful Elmo DVDs, complete with a phone call to wish her a happy day on her actual birthday!}

I was worried, at first, about the birthday party.  Not about the decorating {which is oodles of fun for me}, but about the guest list.  I kept getting phone call after phone call, facebook message after facebook message, that her little friends wouldn't be able to come.  {all legitimate reasons, but none-the-less disappointing.}  And it made me terribly sad for her.  {who would play pin-the-smile on McQueen with her??  Mommy and Daddy, of course...but aren't parties MORE fun with MORE people...don't you think?}

the invitation
{a small coloring page of McQueen is glued underneath;
the info was printed onto vellum
and attached to the card using the ribbon.}
Funny story, though.  I forgot I had put "regrets only" on her invitation!  Needless to say we had a little more than 10 people show up!  What a happy surprise!!  {more for me than for her...she'd be happy with just a cupcake!}

Here are a few pictures from Annaleigh's birthday party:
{details...ooooh...the details!  they simply make me giddy!}

the gift-table
the favors
the cupcakes
I made Annaleigh's cupcake special by sticking two candles into it.
I then used an upside down drinking glass to raise it higher than the rest.

the food table:
homemade mac n chz, pb&j's, popcorn, pretzels, grapes & hot dogs
the birthday girl
her lil' friend
my friends
watching "Cars" while eating MnMs
pin-the-smile on McQueen

Happy Birthday!
she had been anxiously waiting to eat one of these ALL day!
the presents!

thank you for my Elmo DVDs, Gramma Judy!
there's bubble-bath INSIDE the COOL!
{p.s.  John David took a nap through most of her party!}
Me & my 2YO baby girl

Dear Annaleigh, I am SO proud of the little person you are becoming.  You already are incredibly unselfish, obedient {most days}, empathetic, loving, goofy, sweet, fun, smiley, energetic, caring, a quick learner, observant, smart, and an amazing helper!  You have such a BIG heart!  Your facial expressions make us smile and laugh everyday.  You are the reason we wanted more little ones...because the joy you've brought into our lives is incredible...and we wanted to multiply that feeling!   I pray, more than anything, for you to find your Savior at a young age so He can use all your WONDERFUL attributes for HIS GLORY!    Happy Birthday my sweet little girl!  I love you SO much.

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  1. Looks like a perfect day for a lovely little girl! Great work, Mommy.


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