Monday, December 19, 2011

annaleigh's christmas singing debut

Yesterday, the "cherub choir" of our church blessed the congregation with their cute-lil-selves.  My favorite "cherub" happens to be the little girl all the way on the right, in the red and white dress with pig-tails atop her sweet head.  She just moved up to the 2s and 3s sunday school class last week!  And now, quicker than you can blink an eye, she's standing before a crowd exercising some mad clapping-and-jingle-bell-shaking-skills!  {Even though she's famous, now, don't worry, she hasn't forgotten the little people in her life.  She'll give you her autograph.  I could tell you wanted to know.}

Is that my baby?  Is she growing up?  Can't we stop it?!?

{And here's some bonus info:  the two sweet little girls next to her 
--in the green dress and in the white dress--
belong to Julie, their sweet Mama.
And so does this blog.}


  1. what a doll!! She was so cooperative huh?? I could totally see my son running across the stage, up and down the steps ☺ How fun!!

  2. That's adorable Michelle. I think she wants Santa to bring her some bells :)

  3. Sooo sweet! I can't believe she stayed up there the whole time!


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