Monday, November 14, 2011

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11.7.11  |  matching band-aides 

During a recent shopping trip, I remembered we were in need of band-aides in our house.
As I perused the "first-aid" aisle, a grubby little 2YO-hand seized a package of band-aides decorated with her heart-throb:  Lightening McQueen.
That package of band-aides came home to live with us.

Who knew I would need a Lightening McQueen to make a boo-boo {or an "ouchie," as we call it here in the Weston household} feel better so soon?

Because, a few days later, while doing the dishes, I accidentally cut my thumb with a knife.
Ouch?  umm...yeah.

Once my thumb was spotted by my 2YO, adorning her beloved McQueen, envy set in.
Leading to a burning desire to imitate.  
{Coveting is what I think it's called??  No worries, friend, we'll set her straight some day...but for now it's just stinkin' cute...mmkay?}
And thus was born, the ever-so-adorable and heart-warming series of pictures above.

All I can do is smile.

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  1. Imitation being the greatest form of flattery!

  2. I think you may start a fashion trend :-)


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