Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Photo Session with Amy Emily Photography

Did you notice the updated pictures in the header?
Pretty schnazzy, ehh?
That's because Amy Emily is at it again.
Being amazing.
Amazing with her photography skills.
And taking high-quality pictures of my family and I.

I'm not only thankful for her ability to manipulate a camera,
but for her inspiration,
her creativity,
and her meek ability to be patient with a toddler who wishes to do anything else besides sit still and smile.

I wanted to be able to show you them all.
And came up with the notion to compile a video for your enjoyment and pleasure.
And go ahead... envious.

If your envy has lead you to turn green,
and you wish to own the photos for yourself,
{of you and your own family, of course}
then head on over to
to check her goods.
'Cuz her goods are good.
For real. 
And don't be afraid to like her.
On Facebook, that is.
is her handle.
But a disclaimer:  
upon visiting her website and liking her Facebook page, you will immediately want to hire her.  
So don't be afraid of that feeling.  Go with it.  Just go with it.
You'll be glad you did. 

Amy Emily Photography is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She's a young woman with a camera and the entire world at her feet. She loves to create and inspire. 

In her own words:  "I live like a Gypsy. Most of my weekends are spent traveling from state to state letting my wanderlust take over. Translation: YES, I travel for pictures."

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