Tuesday, November 22, 2011

on a serious note

Does anyone know much about 


Because I think my little man might have a form of it.
And I'm curious about the whole idea of it:
-what causes it
-is treatment even necessary for my little guy? pros/cons? cost? side-effects good/bad?
-who else out in blogging-land has {or knows of} a child with it {or has had it}? what are you experiences?
-what resources are available to me?
-is all this fuss I'm making in my mind even worth it?

As Elmo would say: "I want to learn more about plagiocephaly.  How can we find out more??"

{Please, let me know what you all are thinking!}

plagiocephaly or not...this is one handsome lil' devil!
don't you think?

p.s.  I have a terrible toothache.
In fact it's excruciating.
I'm pretty sure it has to do with my broken molar.
I have an appointment at 2pm today.
High hopes that my dentist can remove the heartbeat from my mouth.
Fingers crossed.


  1. Very handsome indeed! I took a quick look at the www and it seems to be a relatively simple issue to deal with?

    How is your mouth feeling?

  2. Thanks! And my mouth is on the mend. Thanks for asking. I have a temp filling until I get ins. to cover a root canal..ugh.


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