Thursday, November 17, 2011

5 {cleaning} sins I commit

Or maybe the title should say:
5 non-cleaning sins I commit.

Because I'm about to give you a list of things I do to take the "easy-way-out" of washing certain dishes.  {Read HERE to be reminded of how much I detest dish-washing.}  I don't wanna if I don't hafta.  You dig?

Here we go.  {and please...try not to gag...}

1.  Ice cream scoop.  Once I'm done using it to scoop out some {glorious} ice cream, I simply rinse it off with hot water and put it back in the drawer.  I mean, with what else am I going to use it to scoop?? {I also commit this sin with similar objects, such as:  my apple corer/slicer, wire whisk, garlic press, and measuring cups/spoons (given I've only used them to measure dry ingredients that don't stick...)}.

2.  Pizza stone.  It's not suppose to be "washed."  Only running it under hot water and scraping it down.  Not hard, right?  Apparently, for me, it is.  When it's cooled, I slide it back into the cabinet to be taken care of on another day {usually, on the day I need to use it again...}.

3.  Cookie sheets.  Almost the same story as my pizza stone.  Except, these should be washed with soap. But, when cooled, they get shoved put away until next time.  And the next time.  And...the next.  {These bad boys only get a good scrub down every 10 uses or so.}

4.  Colander. After it's finished straining and draining my pasta, fruits or veggies, I run it under hot water and stick it on top of the other {clean} drying dishes.  I plunge it into a soapy bath whenever I notice a noticeable "build-up" of pasta residue.  {Gross?  depends upon your definition...}

5.  Square frying pan. Now, I will say, I do wash this item.  However, if all I've used it for is to make my daughter a goes nuh-nite without its shower as soon as it's cooled. Or if I've made quesadillas {and only a little bit of cheese has spilled out} I rub it off and put it away.  I figure...all that really touched the pan was butter...I'm just pre-greasing the pan...

I know.

You're totally judging me right now.
But just remember, whenever you point a finger...there's always three pointing back.
Just sayin'.
So give this gal a break, mmkay?

And if you plan to come over to my house to eat dinner...then I totally don't do any of the things, at all.

Happy Friday's Eve, everyone!

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  1. Thats SO funny! I think I should maybe take up some of these "sins"!

  2. Friday Eve - I like it!

  3. I LOVE this post!! :) and I almost miss that pantry... :)

    I do not however miss the sink AT ALL!


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