Monday, October 3, 2011

walking, fighting, picking, and sleeping...

 What a wonderful weekend.
Chock-full of fall fun!
On Friday, I took a walk with my two babies.
The weather was perfect.  Warm sun.  Cool breeze.

That night, our neighbor gave us {free} tickets to go see the WBS Penguins play.
There were 2 goals scored during the hour we stayed {we have a 22 mos old and a 7 wk old...need I say more?} and multiple fights.  
I was certain the players had really signed their contracts with WWE. 
It was all very thrilling for Annaleigh, it being her first hockey game and all.
It got me out of the house, I was able to be near {and smell} the ice again, and I got a free Cherry-limeade from Sonic {yaye for coupons!} I was having the time of my life!

 On Saturday,
we were able to go to Roba Family Farms, and have lots of fun, before it started to rain.
We fed the animals, we were wary of the real-life chickens, rode the "cow-train", played pumpkin tether ball, climbed the hay bales, shyly hid from the face-painters, we were fascinated by the singing chickens and fox, disturbed by the immense size of the Koi fish, picked our pumpkin from the patch, and bought the best tasting apple cider we've ever found.


Then on Sunday,
we just relaxed after church.
Took naps.
Watched movies.
Cuddled under warm blankets.
And went shopping for cinnamon doughnuts to go with our apple cider.
All while the rain poured down outside.

Like I said...

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  1. That really does sound wonderful. :) Annaliegh looks adorable in that hat and vest and jeans! ;)


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