Saturday, September 24, 2011

photography is as simple as that


I'm really interested in photography these days.
I was inspired by Amy.  She's, quite literally, a-mazing.
She's encouraged me a few times to try it out for myself. 
I became curious.  Could I ever take quality pictures?  
I mean, I like being creative.  And I experimented now and then.  But I've never taken it seriously.  And I have NO dreams of being a professional.  It just would be nice to be able to more-than-adequately capture my family, friends, and things I love.

My confidence has begun to strengthen.
I obtained a fancier camera.
And I'm experimenting more purposefully now.
I'm no where near the capabilities of Amy.
But it never hurts to practice.

As I partook in my daily blog hopping today, I came across this.
And it's perfect.
I like love lists.
Not only am I smitten {obsessed} with Rebecca's blog, but her photography as well.
She's always giving great photography tips and suggestions to regular-joes, like me.
Reading about her life is always an encouragement, too.

I can't wait to get started!

Oh!  And if you want to see Amy and my family getting personal, click here and here.

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