Monday, September 12, 2011

it's a wonderful {new-kind-of} life

I'm doing my best to remain positive and count my {innumerable} blessings right now.  It's hard, though.  When you factor in the sleepless {I forgot how sleepless!} nights {who knew that a 4 hour stretch of sleep could make you feel like a new woman!  But who really wants to start their day at 3AM??}, simultaneous crying, and the inability of your body being able to function normally {among other things}.

But in spite of it all, I truly am happy!  {I just find myself ranting that mantra to remember my happiness in the midst of all this choas...}

For one, my baby boy is an amazing eater!  Annaleigh could easily use up an entire hour as she attempted to fill her belly at that age.  He can usually satisfy his hunger in 10 minutes!  Crazy?  Absolutely!  But it also leaves me with oodles of extra time and I feel like I have a life {outside of being the household cow...} WAHOO!

At first, though, this concerned me:  was he getting enough to eat?  is it normal?  or is he just 'snacking'?  did he get a 'full-meal'?  how do I know I'm not starving him???

But the proof is in the pudding...err...milk...
He has PLENTY of poopy diapers {as well as wet} {which is awesome for our budget...}
He easily makes it 2-1/2 to 3 hours between feedings.
And he's quickly turning into the cutest butterball turkey!

So it's safe to say...he's eating.

Our John David is also a great sleeper.  As of this moment, he's napping with his sister. It was her usual time for her to go down for her nap.  Not wanting to leave JD out-of-the-loop today {and to convince him to stop crying}, I set him down in his crib {which is in the same room as Annaleigh's} hoping my proximity would relax him until his big sister fell asleep.  This is not my normal practice.  The routine is he usually swings in his baby swing, bounces in his bouncy seat, or he's chillin' like a villian' on the couch, to name a few...until I finish convincing Annaleigh it's time to rest.  But today, as I read Annaleigh her Little Einstein book about Nature, and sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", he too, fell fast asleep.  Score!  So I just left him there.  And now it's wonderfully peaceful and quiet.  {relaxing sigh}....I think it's time to eat that last cupcake and then maybe hop in the shower! 

He sleeps well at night, too.  After he eats, he literally conks out like he just ate a Thanksgiving meal.  And he stays asleep until he feels a rumbly in his tumbly.

And believe it or not, neither of their cries bother the other.  {The first two nights, it did}  Now they sleep through each other's screaming at night.  This, my friends, is a huge blessing!

I'm glad there are positive things to find in life right now.  Because all I can really see is the disaster of a house I'm currently living in and being behind in all my responsibilities.  The biggest drawback is loosing my routine {along with my sanity...} somewhere between 8 months of pregnancy and right now.  Mondays I no longer clean my bathroom.  Tuesdays never see picked-up bedrooms.  Wednesdays aren't for cleaning the kitchen.  Thursdays never have errands to run.  Fridays I don't vacuum or dust.  And the laundry barely gets washed and dried.  {I do, however, have an AMAZING husband who has been bathing our daughter, washing dishes daily, clearing and wiping down our counter-tops, helping me go grocery shopping, surprising me with yummy treats to eat/drink, entertaining our daughter and making her laugh, and so much more!  I LOVE YOU sweetheart...THANK YOU! {muah!}  

I had a good friend once tell me that 6 weeks postpartum is the magic number.  It's true.  I vividly remember that with Annaleigh.  Someday, I will feel like myself again.  And someday I will have a house that doesn't look like a tornado hit it....

It's just a bummer that today isn't someday.

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  1. Love reading this! I'm especially happy to hear that JD is sleeping and eating well!!! That will make it all the more easier to get into a routine. Rmember it wasn't for like 3 months before I had a good routine down - so give yourself time. :) I wish I could pop over and bring you a meal or clean the house or dust for you. I was so sad I wouldn't be able to do that for you! But know I think about you tons too!


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