Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this may be the last...

...preggers picture I take this pregnancy.

39 weeks

It may be the last week I get to be a part of a family of three.
Or the last moments I get to spend with my sweet little Annaleigh...just us girls.

The only thing I'm waiting on is my little man.  

Everything else is ready! Nesting has slowed {because my energy has done the same}, bags are packed, in-laws have arrived, gifts for my doctor and the nurses are completed, our gift for Annaleigh is wrapped and ready to go, my out-of-the-home responsibilities have been transferred to other suckers people, and Mike won't have to work his 2nd job for 2 weeks.  So, like I said, we're just waiting for John David!

I simply can't wait to hold our son in my arms.  To have another little baby.  To watch him grow.  To pray for his salvation and pray that his life will glorify God!

What a gift.  What a treasure.  What an adventure that is to come!

One week to go!  The countdown begins...
{well, it actually began a long, long, time ago...but it's nice that I won't have to count for that much longer...}

Side note:  Now that I think about it...we still need to put in JDs car seat!  whoops....add that to the list...


  1. "Suckers", huh?? :-)

  2. Yes, Linda. You read that correctly! hahahaha!


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