Wednesday, August 3, 2011

38 weeks down, 2 more to go!

I thought I was the fun and crazy one in this family.
Either Mike was this way all along, and just had us all fooled,
or, I {me and my antics} have rubbed off on him.

Because he thinks it's funny to continue to snap shots, repeatedly, until I forcefully retrieve the camera from his over-zealous hands.  {I think he likes to pretend he's a cliché photographer, who snaps and snaps and snaps away!}  Hence the reason for the impromptu posing {and the clenched fists} in the last three pictures.

So {deep breath in...and letting it slowly out...} I'm 38 weeks today.  But it feels like 40.
Every. single. tiny. thing. wears me out!  I remember being tired, impatient, uncomfortable, and down-right miserable at the end of my last pregnancy.  And how could I forget the 2 weeks of non-stop "false" labor.  But this time, the difference is, I have a 20-month-old to chase around!  I can't keep up!  Be a doll and pray for me, would ya?

My current stats:

137.5 lbs.
Total weigh gain to date:
20.5 lbs.
John David's Estimated Size:
A little more than 6 pounds (think:  watermelon)
Blood pressure: 
Still perfect.  NO signs of preeclamsia yet! Praise the Lord!
Belly size: 
Right on target.
Baby's heartbeat: 
Perfect and strong.
Swollen feet/ankles? 
Yes.  Everyday.
Effacement or Dilation? 
Nope.  Nada.  Nothing.  Zilch.
Yes, mostly after eating something with high acidity, when laying down OR when John David decides to work out on his treadmill.  
Hardly, due to the consistently inconsistent Braxton Hicks.
Back ache? 
And leg aches, stomach-muscle aches, feet aches, upper body aches...heck, it all aches...
Night time potty breaks: 
I average about 2.
It's better to say "beyond(!) exhausted".
Getting off the couch my own? 
With great difficulty.
Most effective way to get out of bed? 
Rolling out of it.
The way I switch from side to side while lying in bed: 
What is a 16-point turn, Alex?
Belly touching steering wheel? 
Oh, yes! And using my big toe to push the gas/brake.
Hospital bag packed? 
Yes.  Because I'm ready to go!!  I want to go!!  Please, please pick me to go!!! Can we just go now?!
Ice cream (but I don't think that's a pregnancy thing!) Chocolate milk (actually, anything chocolate). And cereal. 
One thing I miss about pre-preggo life: 
Being able to function and accomplish every day tasks without losing my breath.  I just want to feel "normal" again!

Until next time....

...maybe I'll have a baby by then?!  
Probably not.  
But it never hurts to dream!  
And you wouldn't want to be the one responsible to crush a girl's dreams, now would you??  
So let me have my delusions, mmm-kay?


  1. oh girl praying for you. I have so been there - once with an active toddler, once with two active toddlers, and soon enough I'll be doing it with three. :) glutton for punishment I say. I know those last weeks are so hard and long and painful. I pray they go by quickly and that little John is ready to come soon! :) and that your little girl is an ANGEL until then. heehee luv ya!

  2. But at least you haven't gained that much weight - and at least you look GREAT!!!

  3. Since I've been there, done that and bought the commemorative snow globe...I will gladly let you live in your delusional state!! We'll be praying here on the hill!

  4. These are awesome shots. I'm just ahead of you (39 weeks today), but I've had two late babies so far, so you'll probably beat me. Alas.

    Best of luck!

  5. Praying that your labor and delivery is safe, quick and relatively pain free.


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