Thursday, July 14, 2011

embracing the camera with a punch!

This picture was taken a mere 2 seconds after my daughter punched me in the eye.
Once I realized this moment was captured on camera, I seriously considered deleting it.  I mean, it's embarrassing enough to have your 19 month old daughter hit you square in the eye, with enough force to cause your vision to go blurry for a full 10 minutes, never-mind having physical proof of the incident!

But, you see, there's a comedian that lives deep in my soul {ok, ok.  I confess.  If you know me, even just a little, you know that the comedian doesn't live deep, at all, in my soul...more like, on the very tip-pity-top surface of my skin} that just found it way too hysterical to keep to myself.  Because Mike and I simply died laughing at the entire episode after it happened, at the expense and confusion of Annaleigh {who will now believe hitting people is funny.  Which it's not.  Well...only in those rare instances, anyway}.

That picture was how the day ended after our outing at the Philadelphia Zoo.  Which is apparently America's first zoo.  Did you notice that?  The day was perfect.  Filled with 100° weather, LOTS of sweat, drinking warm water, animal noises (produced more from our own mouths than that of the actual animals...), getting lost, almost being attacked by an angry and fat goat, paying an-arm-and-a-leg for parking, skipping nap-time, and a whole lot more amazing memories.  The best being how much Annaleigh loved every single minute of it.  

Oh!  And if you're concerned about the punch...don't worry.  It was completely accidental while she was having a fit of excitement. was a fit of something, that's for sure.  And now that I think about it...maybe it wasn't accidental?!?

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  1. Mike W.7/14/2011

    STILL LAUGHING!!! Such a fun day...thanks for sharing it with me and now the world.


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