Tuesday, May 24, 2011

my expanding waistline

26 weeks
24 weeks

And now time for a quick 'pregnancy meme' to get you a little caught up...

Do you have any cravings?
Chocolate! {chocolate milk, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins, hershey kisses, you get the idea...},  McDonald's Coke, and soft-serve ice cream.

Do you have any mood swings?
YES!  Every once in a while, I will break down and cry about EVERYTHING.  I'm sure Mike just LOVES it {not}. 

Are you a high risk pregnancy?
Yes.  But feeling good so far.  All the docs appear to have everything under control!  

Any complications?
Other than feeling VERY pregnant {and all the aches, pains, and discomforts that go with it}?  No.  

Have you bought anything for the baby yet?
I've purchased a few things from our local consignment store {it's WONDERFUL there...it has a TON of cute, gently-used, items!!}.  I got some receiving blankets, a cute pair of corduroy pants, and some shirts.

When did you start to show?
10 weeks

Are you excited?
Absolutely!  Cannot wait to meet our little guy!!!

What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?
That it's expected of me to take naps!

What is the worst thing about being pregnant?
Back pain {and not being able to take pain killers for it...grrrr...}

Do you talk to your baby?
No, but Mike does.  I'm too busy during the day to think about it.  And then I'm too tired at night to care.

Do you still feel attractive?
Absolutely not!  Bleh.  I can't wait to have my body back!

Have you picked out a name?
We plan to name our little guy:
John David


  1. JOHN!!! Where did that name come from- I was expecting something very different since Annaleigh is different:) But a good solid Biblical name is great too:) I have a little project in mind for your little guy - just need to find the time to do it before he is born:) love you and miss you!!

  2. I know, right?! ahaha! It's a name that Mike had picked out for his first born son BEFORE he even met me. He says no matter how our son uses his name, it will sound good and strong on the cover of the books he will one day write...lol! My hubby is just too cute ;) The plan is to call him J.D., though...something else Mike had planned...lol! I like it. But I agree with you...it's anything but different...bahaha! P.S. Thanks in advance...ur too sweet ;) Love and miss you too!!!!

  3. I love the name John David! It is strong and masculine. You look beautiful!


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