Monday, March 28, 2011

i like the word "precautionary"

20 weeks!
Pregnant, that is.
I honestly can't believe how unbelievably fast this whole experience is flying by!
Do I have belly pictures, you ask?
Soon.  Very soon.  It's a simple lesson in patience (or procrastination...depending if you're you or I).

Do you remember when I almost died?  Click here if you don't.

Well, my OB is doing her very best, this 2nd-time around, to take every precautionary step possible.  Praise the Lord.  She puts my mind at ease.  So much, in fact, I haven't an ounce of concern in my body.  Well, maybe just a teensy ounce whenever I feel a preggo-pain with which I am unfamiliar.  I have a deep sense that all will be OK this time around.  And if I'm wrong?  I'll swallow my pride and continue to place my faith in the Father's hands.  So either way, I'll be OK.

I recently had a consult for my future ultra-sound, at the hospital, which has physicians as the technicians (Dear World of Docs and Nurses, Please forgive me.  I apologize for my terrible lack of knowledge concerning the proper names of positions/tools/conditions.  I am a simple-person who thinks in simple terms who tries her best to not sound so simple.  Thank you for your understanding.).  The most important part of the previous run-on sentences was the word "physicians".  This being because they are going to perform a more detailed scan of the baby and I.  Specifically, the blood flow within the umbilical cord and placenta.

They mentioned, that although, it is impossible to prevent preeclamsia (HELLP syndrome falls under the umbrella of preeclamsia as a more severe form), they can, however, "predict" whether I will possibly contract it.  And therefore, be able to monitor me that much more.

A comforting fact they mentioned:  Most people who develop HELLPS in America don't die, due to access to pre-natal care.  It's those who live in 3rd world countries who die of it.  Why, thank you Miss-Nurse.  You have been most reassuring, encouraging and uplifting. 

Bottom line?  If I develop preeclamsia early on in my pregnancy, I have a 75% chance of developing HELLPS again.  If I either develop preeclamsia late in the pregnancy OR not at all, there is a 5% chance of developing HELLPS again.  Obviously, we are praying for the latter!

Some more sunny news (that's really sunny), is that all my blood-work and samples, thus far, are impeccably normal.  "Perfect" were Miss-Nurse's words.  So if all continues to go well, I have a 100% chance of having a v-bac!  Despite those odds, my hopes are not at the same sunny 100%.  I am attempting to be more of a realist this time around:  doing my best to embrace the concept, "Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby," prior to my L&D.  I will be open to anything and everything...including a 2nd c-section.  Whatever allows me to hold a healthy bundle of joy in my healthy, very much alive, arms.

On the docket (I like saying that these days, considering I'm obsessed with shows like Judge Jeanine Pirro):

  • 24 hour urine sample
  • More blood tests 
  • Ultra-sound (a week from tomorrow!)
Which leads to a concern most important of all:  that the baby does not hide!

It's the tiny things I'm most interested in:  pink or blue?
I'll leave God to worry about the big stuff.  He's better at that than I am anyway....

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  1. praying for you and that sweet baby growing in your tummy! :)
    I know it's hard to not worry when so many crazy and scary things happened before, but girl, God is in it! Gabi was born via emergency c-section because somehow I had lost all my amniotic fluid and she was in danger of strangling on the umbilical cord. so so scary.
    and then I had two "normal" births after that. whatever normal is.
    love ya!

  2. Thanks for your encouragement, Jeanette!! :) It's amazing to me that women have babies "all the time" and no one (on the 'outside) ever thinks to try and understand how incredibly -traumatic- -exhausting- and -wonderful- the birthing experience is! You hear..." had her baby" but never think of the enormity of that simple phrase. To "have your baby" is no small feat!!! Love you too ;)


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