Thursday, March 24, 2011

bubbles, bubbles in the air...

...bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

This was her first experience with bubbles.  It's been too cold lately to have fun with them outside (Mommy bought a huge bottle of bubbles for only $1!) so this was the next best thing.

Annaleigh's birthday is in December.  Meaning:  she gets LOTS of presents in a short time-frame.  Birthday.  Christmas.  It's almost (almost) out-of-control.  I ended up splitting the collection of 'new' toys in half.  One half she could play with immediately.  And the other half to store in the attic.  When the time would be right, I'd switch collections to 'birth' a whole new set of 'old' toys.  She was elated during the recent switch.  I became her hero.  Brilliant.

The snorkel-wearing octopus is technically a bath toy and a part of the 'attic-collection'.  Cute toy.  Yet, it's one that lights up, sings songs, talks when no one is in the room, and blows bubbles...lending itself to times of annoyance.

Sadly, our current apartment has walls (everywhere) that are too porous.  Including the bathtub walls.  Very sad.  The only place this thing will stick for any length of time (not indefinitely, causing fear to strike in a toddler's heart) is on the glass portion of our T.V. stand.  And the octopus only blows bubbles out of his snorkel in one direction.  Leaving a small section of my carpet to become quite saturated with bubble solution.

She was hesitant at first.  Not sure if the circular orbs were friend or foe.  Soon, she realized they tickle when they pop on your hand.  And they are quite colorful.  And float in the air.  Who knew things in this world could float in the air?  After some time, when my carpet was drenched, she determined the bubbles could be her friend.

The octopus, on the other hand, I think is still being debated.  I just may have to agree.

He is a little creepy...

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