Friday, February 11, 2011

edit this!

It's time for Foto Friday this week over at Household6 Diva.  The suggested theme is:  edit this!

Here is my raw photo:

It was taken a while ago (an oldie but a goodie) with my old camera during my 'experimenting' stage. (I've been so busy pretending to be a 'housekeeper' this week that I haven't had time to have fun with my new camera.)  I had really wanted her flower to stand out.  So, I increased the saturation in the flower and took away all saturation throughout the rest of the photograph.

Thus, resulting in this...

Household6Diva FotoFriday


  1. Anonymous2/11/2011

    What a beautiful vibrant flower. I like your blog banner too.

  2. May I ask you what software you use to do this awesome technique? I am just starting to play around with our photos and love the color flooded look contrasting black and white. I will check back for your answer :0) thanks, Nicole

  3. It may sound silly, but I go to to edit a lot of my pictures. It's free! And it works pretty well. You can buy a 'subscription' that will allow you to upload a bunch of pics at once, but I'm too cheap! lol!


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