Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my apologies

I am about to write a post that I told myself I'd never write.
I don't enjoy reading them written by others.
Simply because I feel they are unnecessary.

I tell myself, "Self, if you take a mysterious hiatus, don't apologize for it.  Just pick up where you left off.  Because people get it.  They understand.  They know what life is all about.  Which creates a base-line.  So you don't have to say what they already know.  Don't insult them like that."

Here I go.
I'm about to insult you.
(not really)
(but if I do, I'm sorry for saying sorry)

My deepest apologies for hanging my blog out to dry.
I have not written in, what seems like, AGES!
And my guilty confession:  I actually enjoyed my time away from "blog-land".
I enjoyed not holding myself to a writing responsibility.
I enjoyed using my daughter's nap-time (the time when most of my blogging gets accomplished) for naps, coffee, and the occasional dish-washing session.

But I've missed it.
And you.

So I'm hopping back onto (or into? who knows...) the blogging-saddle.

My plan?
To blog at least three days/week (Mon. Wed. Fri.) for your reading pleasure.

I'm baaack!
And really, really, really sorry.

That annoying groveling needs to stop immediately.


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