Monday, January 24, 2011


Mike attends conferences and other colleges quite frequently.  It's part of his job.  He's a recruiter.  Although I'm sure he'd enjoy being a recruiter for Florida State or Syracuse University much more, he's not that type of recruiter.  His main goal is to encourage men, with a desire to pursue full-time ministry, to attend BBS.  Some days are easier than others.

And as much as he enjoys engaging in conversations about how "wonderful" BBS really is, I think his real motive is slightly more selfish than that:  free stuff.

All expense paid trips to amazing places.
Free opportunities to "rub shoulders" with theological giants.
All access to numerous resources at discounted prices.
To name a few...

The mail came Friday.  And as normal of a thing you may think that's not.  Our mail system here is quite schizophrenic.  One day it can come as early as 9AM.  Other days as late as 7PM.  Some days, not at all.  And everything pretty much in between.  All because we have a new mail carrier each day.  I've received a few gray hairs (yes, I have them) and a loss of years on my life as a result of our mail.  So, yes, the mail came Friday.

And in the mail was a magazine, for which Mike subscribed at a discounted price, at a recent conference, due to his selfish "connections".  I love you hunny and I say that with the sweetest of sincerity in my heart.  You're too cute, is all.

Check out the magazine's website here.

I was amazed.  I was enthralled.  I was engaged.  I was challenged.  I was shocked.

For as I read through every article in the entire magazine, front to cover, I realized that, throughout my life, I have been brainwashed by secular media.  Only hearing the sides of the "story" that they want to tell!  I have always known this, but didn't understand it was to such a great degree.

There is a section in the back were the magazine highlights letters/emails they have received within the month.  And a lady stated that she was thankful for the printing/existence of such a periodical.  For with it, she was able to connect with a proper Christian world-view. (paraphrased)

And I would have to agree.

It is our responsibility, as citizens and as Christians, to be privy to all sides of a story.  And then we can make accurate conclusions rather than blind accusations.  Some issues have already been changed in my mind, while others are confirmed.

If we are to be taken seriously as Christians, we must arm ourselves with the knowledge of ALL things, not just "spiritual".  How can we win a world we don't even understand?  Hey people, our world is changing.  And it's changing fast. You should be trying your best to keep up with it.  Trying to formulate your world-view.  Because your world-view sets the tone of your entire life.  Yes, it's that serious.

Don't take it from me, take it from a real American Hero:
Maybe that's just more brainwashing?  But you get the idea....

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  1. Love WORLD magazine... we started the subscription for Wes, but I think I read it more than him now!! :)


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