Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hectic holidays

Last year, I had decided to hand-make my Christmas cards/birth announcements during the month of October and THAT WOULD BE IT.  The world would just have to get over it.  I refused to expend such energy.  I already stress out about everything as it need to add the stress of the holidays to what I already own.  And being pregnant, I risked nothing.  Simply to focus on growing the life, that lived in me, was my only concern.  And I was contented
Looking back, I realized that was the best holiday season I had ever had in a long time.  The last time I remember enjoying myself as much as I did, was when I was a kid.  Do you remember the holidays as a kid?
Maybe you helped with Christmas cookies.  Even then, you didn't do much.  And you were able to enjoy the company of family:  those favorite cousins you make too much noise with, the aunt that kisses you on the forehead with the radiantly-red lipstick or the uncle that seems to always hug (((squeeze))) you just a little bit too tight. 
But somewhere down the line, we got lost.  Lost in the sea of holiday decorations and wrapping paper.  Once that holiday tornado leaves your home, you're left with nothing but a mess to clean up and a headache.  And you begin to wonder, how it could have come and gone so fast? 
We forget to enjoy it all. 
We fail to breathe it all in.
We never stop to smell the Christmas tree.

My plan? 
Easy and Simply Homemade Gifts! 

--emphasis on EASY and SIMPLE-- 
Because I plan to be OUT and ABOUT seeing Christmas lights and catching snowflakes on my tongue!

I picked two gifts that
a) I could create in a snap
 b) would be something I'd like to receive myself
c) would be suitable for my whole family
I am determined that 
     this year, it will not be hectic
             this year, I will simply focus on the growing life that is living around me. 
                     It will be my only concern. 
                             I will enjoy, breathe and stop more often this holiday season.
                                    This year, like the last, I will be oh-so-contented. 
                                             And that will be it.
                                                   So do your best to get over it.

HaPpY HoLiDaYs!!


  1. So maybe you can't reveal your gifts on this blog because your friends and family read it, but I would love to be let in on your secret... I love the idea of easy and simple!! :)

  2. Anonymous11/21/2010

    Sounds like a wonderful plan! Kari


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