Monday, August 23, 2010

my red sox fan

"Sweet Caroline! 
Good times never seemed so good, so good, so good!"

There are not many things for which I am thankful to Neil Diamond.  But that song is one of them.
Whenever it's played, wherever it's played, I am transported here:

Fenway Park
4 Yawkey Way
Boston, Ma

Warm fuzzies, coupled with a huge grin, are sure to follow every time
The information I have collected from numerous conversations about my home state, is that the moment you walk over the threshold of Fenway, you are instantly a Red Sox fan.  How does this happen?  Magic, I say.  That place is just pure magic. I think even the banners have some magic dust sparkle to them.

But me?  I'm one of the lucky ones.  I was born with that magic sparkle in my blood.  As a result, my baby girl is pretty lucky, too.  Although she may not know it yet.  But she is.  Wicked lucky.

Isn't she wicked cute?
Go Red Sox!

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