Saturday, July 10, 2010

the only thing that matters

So, I have a confession to make.
I figure if I'm honest with you, I have to be honest with myself.
It's hard to be honest with yourself.

Have you ever tried it?
Well, it's hard.
Harder than hard.

Because it means looking in the mirror to see the good and the bad.
And sometimes the good is the bad.
And sometimes the bad is very bad.
But I am certain this confession will, in no way, be surprising.
From what I understand, it's something with which most struggle.

I am not faithful to God.

Phew. That was hard.
Harder than hard.

But to see it?
See it in written form?
That's way hard.

But God...
But God is faithful.
He prods.
He whispers.
He encourages.
He loves.
He guides.
And He waits.

How faithful are you to God?
Because like I said, I'm not.

And I want to be.
More than my next breath.
More than my life.
More than anything.
I long to be faithful.
To live for Him alone.
To push self aside.
To die to self.
To love Him more than me.

But is it enough to have good intentions?
To simply think about living for God?
Most assuredly not.

So why do I do it?
Think about living for God.
And then justify it?

I must actively do it.
I must be faithful.
It's the only thing that matters.

Today, I will keep committing, again and again, to be faithful to my Lord.
To read His Word.
To speak with Him, constantly.
To know Him more.

It's way hard.
But it's the only thing that matters.

1 comment:

  1. Such a great reminder - the daily battle we face to be faithful to our Awesome God. So easy to shake my head at those "foolish and unfaithful Israelites" in the Bible - HELLO, it is obvious they should just obey and be faithful to their LIVING God rather than serve other "idols".

    Then, as you said, God prods, gently opens my eyes to see into my own idolatrous heart, my own unfaithfulness, my own selfishness and I am silent - guilty -

    yet..."there is not condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus" and my humbled heart can rejoice along with yours, with all the redeemed of the LORD, and cry out - Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD God almight, Worthy to be Praised and Worthy of our lives as a living sacrifice to the Praise of His Glory!

    so sweet - how your honest and open heart can be a catalyst for honesty and openness in my life and my life can effect others around and God can touch someone neither one of us could imagine.

    Love you my friend - glad to be on this journey with such a sincere and wonderful sister in Christ!


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