Monday, July 12, 2010

fun in the sun

Recently, Annaleigh, a friend, her son, and I had the chance to visit a friend and her daughter, whose landlord has an above ground pool.

Pennsylvania has also had a major heat wave.

Triple digits.

Let's just say, the visit was welcomed on many levels.

This was the first time Annaleigh had ever been in a 'big-kid' pool.

And she loved it. Not a trace of fear in her eyes.

Her tiny hand exploring the wetness. Swirling and dipping her fingers. Amusing herself with her own gentle splashes.

Quietly floating around in her yellow float. A mere bystander. At the mercy of the slow current. Absorbing her surroundings.

She was completely comfortable.

So much so, that she fell asleep in my arms while I waded around.

She's such a sweet baby.

And all of us had a lot of fun in the sun that day.

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